At I Like Pie, we’re celebrating the tradition of pie … and changing it up completely. Our uniquely personal pies give you an individual pie experience whenever you want it. No special occasion required. No full-size pie commitment. 

We love the legacy of pie. How it’s weaved into our culture and personal histories. How it’s a sentimental part of family and friendships. And we love recreating flavors that remind us of special moments and special people and sharing them with you. 

We like to make pies that take you to a happy place, and not just for dessert. With so many scrumptious sweet and savory options in an unmatched array of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to enjoy pie any way you like. Anytime. Because every day can be an ILP day.

Our Story

Pie is our passion! We LOVE it. So why the “Like”? Our name was inspired by a combination of the pop culture phrase “I like pie” and the song, “I Like Pie, I Like Cake” by ’40s R&B band, The Four Clefs. The lindy hop tune and the catchy phrase both came about in the same era and at a time when pie was a revered tradition. We think pie is pretty important today too, but remember, just like the song says, we like YOU best of all.

I Like Pie is the inspiration of husband-and-wife team Annika and Rob Corbin. Neither were bakers, but an unexpected layoff for Rob and Annika’s love of baking inspired the couple to drop everything and follow an idea.

Annika (with a lot of help from family and friends) reimagined the traditional pie to make it portable, versatile, and fun. The result was ILP’s first product, our adorable Jelly Jar pies. The custom-made, cupcake-shaped pies opened a world of pie possibilities. A designer by trade, Annika and the ILP team strive to craft everything I Like Pie makes to be as beautiful as it is delicious.

Claremont Small Business of the Year 2017

2019 Small Business of Distinction for the 41st District